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Cusco Peru - Web Site Services by Fractal Dragon

We offer web site services (definition, design, development, deployment) to business, non-profit and individual clients in Cusco, Peru. Our office is at Calle Arequipa 265 in a colonial and republican style home constructed in 1732 on part of the former Imperial Palace of Tupak Inca Yupanki (also known as Tupaq Inca Yupanki or Tupac Inca Yupanqui). As a separate offering, we also show contemporary Peruvian art in our Galería de Arte Fractal Dragon in the same antique home.

The name fractal dragon is a mix of fantasy (dragon) and mathematics (fractal). This name appeals to our web page clients who desire a bit of artistry or fantasy along with the techonolgy. The fractal dragon image that we use is taken from some far away cranny of the Mandelbrot set.

Here a list of our recently deployed web sites. We aim for simplicity of design and rapid deployment of the web site.

Our services/our process includes:

  • Definition of client needs and preliminary web site design. We first talk with the client to see what he/she wants to achieve, and then try to match this with available patterns of web site design/development.
  • Gathering of information and visuals needed for the web site. We ask the client to provide the meaningful content while we focus on presentation and interaction aspects. We offer the capability to take high quality photos or create high quality graphics for the web site.
  • Design of the web site. This is a rapid iterative process in that as we incorporate information and visuals into the preliminary design we will iterate with the client to revise and improve on the original design.
  • Development of the web site. Dynamic web sites, web sites depending on database interactions, or e-commerce web sites require development beyond simple design and development of web pages.
  • Deployment of the web site to a web host/server. We can serve client web pages as a sub-domain of or without purchasing a separate domain name. For clients serving mainly tourists or potential tourists and wishing the added exposure of their own unique domain name, we will arrange to buy an appropriate .com, .org, .info, .biz or .net domain name and host the site in the US. For clients serving persons primarily in Peru, we can arrange to buy a .pe domain name and host the site in Peru.

The principals in our web services business are:
John & Elena dressed for the cold in Washington, DC
Maria Elena Mendoza Altamirano - Artist with bachelors in Art from La Escuela de Bellas Artes of Cusco Peru. The 'artistic' part of the offering. Over 20 years of experience doing and teaching art. In addition to art, Elena’s work experience and education includes teaching Spanish and coordinating volunteer activities.

John E. Miller - Web developer with masters in Computer Science from the University of Delaware in 2005. The 'techie' part of the business. Over 25 years of experience working in both business and eduction in the US. In addition to web development, John’s work experience and education focuses on artificial intelligence, business process improvement, and statistics.

Please contact John Miller if you wish us to create web pages for you in Cusco Peru.