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Galería de Arte Fractal Dragon - This is a work in progress and perhaps always will be a work in progress as we grow our art gallery from its current three rooms in our house in Cusco to a multinational gallery (OK... we are dreaming a bit here).

Casa Tupak Yupanki - After a year of fixing up our 1732 vintage house, we have begun to rent out spaces to fine quality restaurants, art galleries, and stores offering artistic and fine artesenal products. We will also offer space for cultural events such as music, dance, and theatre productions.

manosabajoLogo of Galeria Sur
Del Hoyo Galleries - Peruvian Hands Cusco and Galería Sur offer inspired Peruvian art in the form of paintings, weavings and ceramics. Both galleries are located in the San Blas artist quarter of Cusco - Peru.